Surprises and I have a love hate relationship

I love being surprised, but I not often am. I usually figure things out before they happen. My husband was able to surprise me once…I’m not sure if he’ll ever be able to do it again.

cropped-635864835204578678-1645365243_635838266426806166-2147160412_cropped-img_6513-e1421623252119.jpgA couple years ago, I discovered subscription boxes…and now I am hooked. They are a mini surprise every month. I have been turned on to some really cool stuff through them as well.

When I first started subscribing to boxes, there were mostly snack boxes…now you can get nearly anything.

This blog will review and notify you of cool new boxes to check out. I will let you know when there are deals, sales or bonus boxes to be had.

Watch this space!