It’s that time of year again: NaBloPoMo

nablopomo_badge_2016I have started NaBloPoMo many times. I never seem to finish, though. I always start November with grand plans on all the posts I’m going to write and how I’m going to be the bestest and most organized blogger by the end of the month. And then a week or so goes by and I forget all those plans, get overwhelmed and usually stop. There have been a couple years since the start of NaBloPoMo where I have nearly made the whole month, and the regular posts have continued after the month is done.

This year, I will make the whole month.

I may not post more than a picture. You may only get a repost of what I posted on Instagram on that day, but my blog will have *something* every day this month. I’m going to try a few different formats. I would really like to start recapping a show, but I can just never figure out which one to do. There may be a vlog or 2 as well. There will be a giveaway!

Ready? Set? GO!